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Pwojè Netwayaj - Turgeau

We are thrilled to share the latest installment of Pwoje Netwayaj which took place in the neighborhood of Turgeau, Port-au-Prince last Saturday 11/14 in partnership with Haiti Clean System and the Department of Metropolitan Solid Waste Collection (SMCRS).

With a traveling sound system, guest artists and singers, and support from Haitian music stars, we have recruited over 100 volunteers and community members to date and have swept and cleaned the streets in Pacot, Carrefour-Feuille, and Turgeau. Pwoje Netwayaj is proving to be a cost-effective and well-run locally-led collaboration to uplift and revitalize Port-au-Prince.

A huge salute to our supporters whose donations help ensure our team has the tools and training to make this program a success.

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